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April 29, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

I was excited to begin this book because I love suspense stories. There was an eerie feel throughout the book because the killer was discreetly lurking in the background for quite some time. There were remnants of his vicious attacks and it drew me in because I had to find out who he was. I felt it had an interesting premise as well in regards to Christina and her background and why she ended up in Skull Creek. I love Christina's go-get-it attitude and the way she navigates her way through the ups and downs. I also liked that Christina was the aggressor involving Robert. Frank and Claire are my favorite characters, though. They're just so sweet. I won't spoil it and tell you who the killer was, but just know you'll be surprised, and I'm sure you'll love this book as much as I did. 

May 1, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Lumberjack Review

For a writer who specializes in space opera, Martin Willén has a deft touch with psychological horror. This shouldn't surprise those of us who've read his Nastragull series, since he often explores the dark, even depraved aspects of sentient life; it's just that going from hard SF to horror seems a bit of a jump. At first. But they are related fields, and he proves that he can write just as well in a literally down-to-Earth setting like this one.

There's a beast haunting Skull Creek, a small mountain town isolated at the edge of one of the few remaining old growth forests in North America, killing locals and tourists who casually and uncaringly damage the environment. At first it's unclear whether the beast is human, or perhaps a mythical beast like a Wendigo... indeed, there are indications it may be both, for while the beast is soon revealed to be human, it and its people may have inspired the Wendigo myth, and perhaps the various shapeshifter/skinwalker myths of the Native Americans. The local Indians are certainly aware that its territory is something to fear.

Without giving away the secret (since the title does that!), the antagonist is in fact a lumberjack... with a few crucial differences, including a centuries-old secret stretching back to before the European colonization of the New World. The Lumberjack, who calls himself Nero, is an eco-warrior, like his ancestors; while he believes in managed exploitation of the forests, he strikes down those who destroy it and other parts of the environment only for gain, leaving ruin behind. But his dedication is shaken when he meets Christina, the book's protagonist.

Christina Dawn is an aging Hollywood actress, a rare female action hero who no longer gets the juicy parts she wants. Although she's still beautiful, she's no longer in her twenties and is burnt out from repeatedly losing parts to less-talented "flavors of the month." Sick of Hollywood and on the rebound from a failed long-term relationship, she takes a sabbatical in Skull Creek. She finds the perfect property for her break, isolated on a mountaintop located miles from town: an incredible log lodge with all the modern conveniences. It's set on hundreds of acres and has a beautiful view of the local river.

After an unexpected run-in with a mother bear and more inimical two-legged wildlife, she's saved by Nero—who is smitten. He immediately punishes the locals who attempted to rape her rather than save her from the river, in a rather permanent and well-deserved manner. Later, as he works toward his vision of "correcting" the damage now being caused by gold prospectors who leave destruction in their wake, he quietly begins stalking Christina. He's never seen a woman like her before.

As Christina settles into local life, making friends and coming to love her new home enough that she buys it outright, Nero keeps a watch on her and continues his primary mission: to eliminate the final witness of a massacre perpetrated by his people 50 years ago. As the local police and FBI become aware of a serial killer in their territory, events slide into place for a final confrontation between good and evil that threaten to destroy Scull Creek—taking Christina and her friends with it.

Well, no need for spoilers! Check out The Lumberjack for spine-tinglers of the type you've come to expect from Willén. Just don't read the story in the dark. It'll get to you.


"...a great read. Not at all what I expected. The author's description and the characters and locations were great." —LibraryThing Early Reviewer 

“I would definitely like to see more from this author” —LibraryThing Early Reviewer THE LUMBERJACK by Erik Martin Willen 

“Fans of Kiss the Girls or John Sanford's Prey series will enjoy The Lumberjack.” —BHC

Looking for peace, she found a nightmare… 

Fading movie star Christina Dawn has decided to start a new life, so she relocates from L.A. to a picturesque mountain town, hoping she'll find peace and tranquility there. 

Meanwhile, a man who has hunted a witness to a massacre for over fifty years has also settled in the town, Skull Creek, in an effort to keep a dangerous legacy hidden from the world. 

Little do Christina and Nero know that their paths will soon cross, leading to a horrifying revelation: a practice that has recurred for centuries, causing the murders of countless people, none of which have ever been linked or solved. 

The largest manhunt in history is about to take place. But what law enforcement will soon discover is that they aren't the ones doing the hunting. They're the ones being hunted.

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