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New Great Reviews on Nastragull: Hunted (2)


Format:Kindle Edition 
The second book in the Nastragull series is even more graphic in it's descriptions of events than "Pirates", the first book. The very strong violence, sex, torture and rape is not for the average reader of a sci-fi novel, it simply breaks new ground.
They way the book is written feels like watching the movie while reading it. Mr Willéns fantastic imagination of the main characters of Alec and Alexa, spaceships, weapons, aliens races and battle hardware is simply amazing!
The evil pirates hunt for revenge in this story and starts a space war involving thousands of ships and the fast pace never really slows down. Some twist always move the story forward. The end of the book is not for the weak hearted, be warned.
Looking forward to part 3, "Dawn sets in hell". 

Format:Kindle Edition 

Warning: if you haven't already read Erik Martin Willen's first book, "NastraGull: Pirates," then grab a copy and read it before you move on to "Hunted." "Pirates" sets up the complex situation and backdrop for "Hunted," and makes it easier to understand what's happening in this, the second book of the series. That said, it's still a remarkable read as a standalone book.

In this science fiction epic, which picks up just after the first book left off, "hidden prince" Alec Hornet has been reunited with his wild pirate lover, the reformed Alexa, who with her rescued compatriots are trying to settle down as good crewmembers of the pirate-hunting frigate Predator. Having enriched himself fantastically with recovered loot from a cannibalistic pirate horde while escaping from their clutches, Alec is determined to recover his captured friends and fellow military cadets before returning to his homeworld of Tallas and taking his place among the leadership of the Nastasturus Federation.

But his attempts to do so are repeatedly derailed, not just by his feverish attraction to the untamable Alexa, but also by insubordination and betrayal among his crew -- which isn't surprising, since everyone in the galaxy seems to be after him, eager to collect the enormous bounties on his head.

When a tremendous explosion destroys the space station the Predator is trying to protect -- home to millions of people -- the shockwave hurls them into the depths of uncharted space. It's up to Alec to save them in any way he can, constantly running on the ragged edge of exhaustion and nervous breakdown, besieged on every side, tortured by the supernatural whispers in the depths of his mind, forced by circumstance into ruthlessness in order to survive. It takes its toll, making him vulnerable to...

Well, I won't give that away. Just rest assured: with Willen at the helm, "NastraGull: Hunted" is an intense, bone-shaking ride. For those of you who like your pirates mixed with Johnny Depp, this is not the story for you. No offense to Mr. Depp -- I think he's an incredibly versatile actor -- but I've never understood the people who have criticized "NastraGull: Pirates" because the pirates portrayed there are so brutal. Come now, this isn't a Disney or Pixar movie. Like pirates in real life, these pirates are nasty, despicable creatures who taint everyone they come into contact with. Even (or perhaps especially) Alexa, who was forced into the lifestyle in childhood when she was sold to the pirates by her siblings, has her dark side -- which often comes between her and Alec. And beware, if you're a prude: the story contains graphic and kinky sex scenes, which some people have also complained about.

Grow up, folks. Let's face reality. In the real world, evil is truly evil, not just some Darth Vader caricature of bad that gets forgiven in the last reel for no discernable reason. In the real world, people are inevitably and permanently twisted by terrible personal experiences. In that way, Willen's characters are more realistic than 99% of the characters in popular fiction, and it makes his writing all the more compelling.

Read this book, if you think you can handle it. You'll be glad you did.
4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting Science Fiction novels November 26, 2013 By Arthur N McGillem  

Format:Kindle Edition  

Nastragull Hunted and Pirates are adult science fiction books. The stories are entertaining and the plot is well developed with consistent characterization. Many of the characters are not human although they do communicate freely and possess mostly human demeanors, so be prepared for some unpleasant to encounter situations.  

5.0 out of 5 stars It's EPIC !!! August 30, 2013 By GAVIN SMITH  


Be Prepared to go on a roller coaster ride!!

The second part in this awesome story had me from the first page to the last. I have never had goose bumps from reading a book, until I read Hunted. When I finished the last chapter I was shocked. The entire story has become a mystery for me and I have found numerous messages/passages and codes bedded into the story – I think? There was one particular passage in the middle of chapter 10 that was really creepy, not sure why? For being a science fiction story there is something, almost troubling realistic about the Nastragull saga. Wilen have an extraordinary ability to capture his audience unlike no other author. The story is action packed and it moves faster and faster like a roller-coaster ride. The characterizations are superb with as many strong women as men, something I find unusual. There wasn’t as much romance in this part as I prefer but it wasn’t needed. There is no doubt in my mind that Nastragull will be the next big thing in sci-fi and Hollywood should really take a closer look to this epic adventure. If you like a great story with action and adventure, then Nastragull is it!