Thursday, January 23, 2014

My 5 Star Book Review for “The Strain” (Trilogy, #1)

The Strain by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan is a very well written vampire book with a new twist. They keep the reader on the edge throughout the entire story. This vampire story stands out from most because the vampires are different from what we normally are used to. The setting and character developments are well written and the story is easy to follow, with a few surprises. From time to time the “author voice” in the book change and the reason is probably because there are two authors. The book is definitely worth reading if you like vampire stories and a good suspense thriller overall.

I look forward to the TV Series coming 2014.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Nastragull Series

"After the Swedish detective miracle, can we now expect, thanks to Willen, that Swedish literature might look forward to a science fiction wonder?" 

Johan Holst, - Tidningen Kulturen, The Culture Magazine,  August 6, 2013.

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Pirates (volume 1)
By: Erik Martin Willen
(23 reviews)
As a tight-knit group of human cadets heads home after eight years of military training, their interstellar transport, Bright Star, comes under attack by pirates"Â"and after a bloody battle, they're taken prisoner. One of the cadets, Alec Horn, eventually manages to escape with the Bright Star's captain and an emperor's ransom in loot. Together, they set out on a harrowing adventure to rescue their friends and comrades.
Hunted (Volume 2)
By: Erik Martin Willen
(6 reviews)
After escaping from pirates with an emperor's ransom in loot in NASTRAGULL: Pirates, young Alec and friend's takes refuge in a roving collective of space stations and massive starships called New Frontier. Along with fleets from Nastasturus and the rival Florencian Federation, three massive pirate armadas descend like locusts upon New Frontier, triggering a cataclysmic battle. Crippled and flung deep into space by an explosion, Alec's ship becomes the quarry of every one.