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The X-Files "The Truth Is Still Out There" Promo (HD)

TiVo Bolt 4K DVR Lets You Zap Ad Breaks Instantly — For $150 per Year

Courtesy of TiVo
TiVo has launched a new way for TV viewers to skip through entire commercial breaks on the top 20 cable and broadcast networks with the push of one button. But you’ll have to pay for the privilege.
The company’s Bolt DVR family, launched Wednesday, includes a “SkipMode” feature for instantly fast-forwarding past ad pods in certain programs. Initially, TiVo’s SkipMode-enabled shows are limited to the 20 most-watched channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, seven days a week between the hours of 4 pm and midnight (12:30 am for late-night talk shows airing on ABC, NBC and CBS). SkipMode isn’t available on local news or sports, according to TiVo.
“The TiVo Bolt arrives at a time of piqued interest in both connected devices and commercial avoidance,” president and CEO Tom Rogers said in announcing the feature. “The clear demand of consumers is for a TV experience that quickly delivers them exactly what they want the instant they turn on the screen.”
But to get the ad-skipping and the rest of Bolt’s features, TiVo will charge an annual service fee of $149.99, plus any applicable taxes. The price of the DVRs include one year of free service, after which customers must start paying.
TiVo positions its devices as providing more advanced features than those from pay-TV providers. To that end, the new Bolt DVRs are the first to support 4K Ultra HD video content — although it’s obviously just for bragging rights, given that no U.S. TV channels currently broadcast in UHD format today.
Bolt also includes a unique feature called QuickMode, a way to watch recorded programs 30% faster while maintaining pitch-corrected audio. That’s designed for “slow-moving programs like news, sports and overly long award shows,” TiVo says.
The TiVo Bolt with 500 gigabytes of storage is available for $299.99, the 1-terabyte model lists at $399.99. Both are available via, and, and in stores at participating retailers starting Oct. 4.
VARIETY Todd Spangler NY Digital Editor@xpangler September 30, 2015 | 07:08AM PT

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Intricate Tattoo Pattern Reveal Geometry

Tattoo artist Tony Booth of DABS Tattoo in Southport, UK created an intensely intricate arm tattoo that takes on an almost 3D quality as the hexagons break away to reveal even more geometric details underneath.

Esquire Orders Scripted Drama ‘Beowulf’ From ITV Studios (EXCLUSIVE)

Courtesy of ITV Studios

Esquire Network has given a series order to ITV Studios’ “Beowulf,” which marks the NBCUniversal cabler’s second scripted project, Variety has learned.
The series, set to debut next year, follows Esquire’s order for “Spotless,” a dark drama about brothers that bows Nov. 14. The scripted orders are an effort to diversify the programming slate of the channel as it hits its second anniversary this month.
“Beowulf,” a re-imagining of the mythological historical poem, revolves around a troubled warrior who experiences love and loss yet shares a deep binding comradery with his fellow kinsmen. Esquire has ordered 13 episodes. “Da Vinci’s Demons” alum Kieran Bow stars as the title character, with William Hurt, Joanne Whalley, Ed Spellers and David Ajala rounding out the cast. James Dormer wrote the script and exec produces with Tim Haines and Katie Newman.
Matt Hanna, who has just been promoted to exec VP of development and production, describes the ambitious effort as “Game of Thrones” meets “Lord of the Rings.”
“Part of the challenge with everyone on DVR and watching content where and when they want it is breaking through,” Hanna said. “We’ve been very focused on coming up with a daring and ambitious slate of programming. This show is an epic, dark age drama.”
Hanna was previously senior VP of original programming and helped steer the launch of Esquire on what had been the Style channel. He’s developed some of the channel’s most successful series to date, including “Friday Night Tykes” and “Knife Fight.”
In his new role, Hanna will continue to develop and oversee all original programming for the network reporting to Esquire president and E! g.m. Adam Stotsky.
Since its launch in September 2013, Esquire has fielded 26 original programs aimed at an upscale male audience. Comparing 2015 to date to last year, the cable net is up 25% in total viewers (123,000), 22% in adults 18-49 (60,000) and 11% in men 18-49 (31,000).
“In this day in age, growth is challenging. It doesn’t just happen,” Stotsky said. “You have to prove yourself every single hour of every single day and we’ve done that for the past two years.
Scripted series are an important part of the mix but Stotsky says that it will not be a “huge focus for us.” His goal is to turn Esquire into must-see TV for men with a variety of shows.
“We’re really committed to creating a diverse slate of content, both on the scripted side and the unscripted and event side,” Stotsky said, referencing programs like the eight-day broadcast of Pamplona, Spain’s famed Running of the Bulls festival this past summer. “For us, it’s really a broader mission and having an entire network experience, and really connecting with these guys,” he said.
Part of that broad goal is bouncing off the success of the cable net’s current hits, including spinoffs for kid football docuseries “Friday Night Tykes,” which will head to a different city with “Friday Night Tykes: Western, PA,” and “Team Ninja Warrior,” an offshoot of NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior.”
“Team Ninja Warror” will feature teams made from fan-favorite contestants, which will be familiar to Esquire viewers as the channel carries reruns of “American Ninja Warrior.” “We’re looking to capitalize off it when the mothership isn’t on the air,” Hanna said.
Other than sports, auds have proven to be invested in food fare (think “Knife Fight,” which enters Season 4 next month) and bar-inspired series (“Brew Dogs,” “Best Bars in America”). Up next in that arena is “Uncorked,” which bows this November and revolves around aspiring master sommeliers.
“The subject matter of wine is something that most men are wildly intimated by,” Stotsky said, adding that he hopes the show also has appeal to women. “We’ve always said, Esquire is not the guys’ locker room. We’re making shows that are decidedly masculine in their appeal, but definitely a very welcome environment for the women, as well as the men that we’re catering to.”
Esquire’s track record during the past two years has taught Hanna and Stotsky that lighter lifestyle-centric programming doesn’t connect with viewers as well as highly specific concepts such as food and brews and such.
“Some of the lifestyle stuff that we had hoped for, specifically travel, kind of landed a little softly for us,” Hanna said. “The shows were incredibly well-produced, but I think that’s more of a testament to the shifting landscape of this paradox of choice.”
On that note, Stotsky added, “We’ve learned that ideas need to be a little bit self-starting, in terms of garnering digital buzz and social buzz and press coverage. It’s difficult for Esquire to have huge marketing campaigns. We’re looking for ideas that can capture a’ zeitgeisty’ moment.” He attributes part of “Friday Night Tykes” success to the recent wave of media attention paid to football head injuries.
With “Beowulf” in the hopper and “Spotless” debuting next month, Hanna and Stotsky are eager to see how the audience responds to scripted offerings.
“People are going to start saying, ‘I can’t believe that show is on Esquire,'” Stotsky predicted. “I’m excited for that type of response.”
VARIETY Elizabeth Wagmeister @EWagmeister September 30, 2015 | 07:00AM PT

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel go to Couples Therapy

NBCUniversal to Buy Majority Stake in Universal Studios Japan for $1.5 Billion

Universal Studios Japan/ AP

News of the deal first surfaced earlier this month when a planned listing of the popular theme park on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was delayed.
Comcast's NBCUniversal said late Sunday that it has agreed to buy a controlling stake in the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) amusement park for $1.5 billion.
News that the entertainment giant was holding talks about a deal to acquire a majority stake in the Osaka-based company from the current holding company came to light on Sept. 15 when a planned listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was delayed. Goldman Sachs, which led a buyout of the then troubled company in 2009, will continue to hold a minority stake.
The deal, which comes at a time when NBCUniversal's theme parks unit has been a key growth driver, puts an enterprise value of $6.2 billion on the Japanese theme park operator.
"We want to expand our theme park business around the world and this investment in Universal Studios Japan fits perfectly with that strategy. Our theme parks in the U.S. have performed exceptionally well and we look forward to working with our partners to achieve that success in Japan as we introduce significant attractions at USJ over the next five years," said NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke.
So far, the Japanese theme park has been owned and operated by USJ with a license from NBCUniversal.
The theme park opened in 2001 and was listed on the Tokyo exchange’s section for new companies in 2007, but was delisted again after it struggled with falling visitor numbers. The opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year has transformed the theme park’s fortunes and it attracted a record 12.7 million visitors in the year to March.
Universal Studios Japan has announced plans for a new theme park on the southern island of Okinawa.
The Hollywood Reporter by Gavin J. Blair 9/28/2015 12:22am PDT

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Haramein's theory

Haramein devised a dynamic geometrical model of the Universe where the central singularity at any given point is simultaneously radiating and contracting.  Two polarized four-frequency isotropic vector matrix “marry”, forming vector equilibrium. If you surround each matrix with a toroidal field, the resulting marriage of the two combined with the coriolis affects of spin create a dual torus configuration, with the cuboctahedron, or vector equilibrium, at its center.

Nassim Haramein (b. 1962) is a Swiss amateur physicist. Haramein claims to have developed, in collaboration with physicist Elizabeth Rauscher, a Unified Field Theory that he calls the Haramein-Rauscher Metric. According to Haramein, this "metric" is a new solution to Einstein's Field Equations that incorporates torque and Coriolis effects.
Fraud or sage? ...his theory has flaws but the animation is cool.

Animation source and math info via tomasorban

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