Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

This is a blog that I highly recommend for both readers and authors alike. Here you will find all kind of information about books, promotion, authors and blogs. It’s a very new blog and already it has many followers. Chris is a fan to Nastragull and has on numerous occasions helped me with review and promotions. He also has a page on goodreads (see link below.)

“My New (to me) Authors Blog (9 out of 10 Vets recommend it, the 10th is seriously reconsidering his first response, while he recuperates from his unfortunate 'accident')”

About The Story Reading Ape
I am what my name states, an ape of the primate species called Homo Sapiens Sapiens. My blog is intended to present New (to me) Author's, whose stories or books I have read and enjoyed, so that anyone who happens to stumble onto this blog, while searching for a book to read, or, a new (to them) author to try, may find what they seek, or, at least, inspiration. Please be advised that I reserve the right to remove, or decline to publish, any comments that I deem inappropriate.

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