Friday, April 4, 2014

Liz en Septiembre (Liz in September)

Director: Fina Torres
Flawless photography, idyllic locations , frontline performances and a plot that promises ; is what is seen in the trailer for the Venezuelan film " Liz in September," releasedxMonday.

The anticipated film of the Venezuelan director Fina Torres, also creator of Oriana and Habana Eva , come to the big screen in February 2014 , his story is inspired by a work of American theater 80.

The drama director has 7 friends found each year in the inn Dolores (Elba Escobar ) to celebrate the birthday of Liz (Patricia Velasquez ) , who is a professional model.

Liz secretly suffers from a serious illness.
At the meeting one, Eva ( Heloise Maturén) unexpected guest who helps change the course of history appears .

The film, shot in 2012 in the coastal falconianas Tucacas also work Mimi Lazo, Arlette Torres, Sheila Monterola , Danay Garcia Cuban and Colombian Maria Luisa Flores, with the special participation of Luis Geronimo Abreu.
Liz in September , conducted with support from CNAC and the Villa del Cine , addresses the theme of friendship , love , gender diversity and Death. 
(Plot from article Venezuelan film "Liz in September" trailer debuts GLOBOVISION.COM 17 / 12 / 2013 - 12:23:25

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