Thursday, March 19, 2015


Welcome to the 21st century where the phones are smart, the computers are tiny, and the limbs are bionic. RSL Steeper’s new bebionic3 hand is the newest incarnation of the company’s prosthetic. Capable of holding up to 99 lbs and sensitive enough to write, the hand is controlled through sensors in the user’s skin. The hand is able to form 14 different grips, greatly improving upon the old hook and pincer models of yesteryear.

The world of artificial limbs is quickly catching up to realm science fiction. The bebionic3 from RSL Steeper is an incredibly advanced piece of technology that uses a wireless chip and sensors from the wearer’s skin to move an aluminum hand. Able to form itself into multiple grips, it can hold up to 99 lbs and yet is also able to manipulate a pen or operate a mouse.

The bebionic3 costs between $25,000-35,000 depending on accompanying software.


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