Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heliophysics CubeSat to Launch on NASA’s SLS

Just a bit bigger than a box of cereal, one of the first CubeSats ( to travel in interplanetary space will be NASA’s miniature space science station, dedicated to studying the dynamic particles and magnetic fields that stream from the sun. The CubeSat to study Solar Particles, or CuSP, will hitch a ride out of Earth orbit aboard NASA’s Space Launch System, or SLS (, which is scheduled for an uncrewed test launch in late 2018. Once the CubeSat is ejected, it will orbit around the sun in interplanetary space, measuring incoming radiation that can create a wide variety of effects at Earth, from interfering with radio communications to tripping up satellite electronics to creating electric currents in power grids.

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More on NASA's Space Launch System:

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