Friday, March 16, 2018

Why Your Stomach Hurts After You Get Hit In the Balls? - MEDICINE

When you take a shot to your scrotum, your testicles aren’t the only ones that feel the pain: Your stomach often joins in on it, too.

But why would an organ situated above the belt reel from a blow felt below it?
Your testicles actually developed in your abdomen near your kidneys. From there, they descended toward the scrotum, pulling the sensory nerves with them.

That means you have sensitive nerves that stretch from your stomach to your scrotum.

So when the nuts are hit or squeezed, the nerve sends a signal to the upper part of the belly, which is why it hurts in the stomach when you get kicked down there.

In addition to feeling vengeful, you might also feel dizzy, nauseous, or even vomit—all of which is to be expected.

It’s due to the vagal reflex, in which a nerve signal from your testicles travels up your spinal cord and brain stem and activates the nausea and vomiting centers in your brain.

Source: Corina Marinescu

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