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These classic movies were made during a time era before advanced CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) was invented. They are more artistically produced than most modern films falling under these categories; action, military, historic, drama. Because actors had to use their skills and talents while the producers and directors were forced to utilize resources that were available for the actual film production.

(In no particular order)

Who Dares Wins

Also known under the title; The Final Option. If you like anti-terrorist movies then this film is a must see. It pretty much is the fore father to all anti-terrorist movies and for once the terrorists aren’t Muslims.

The Wild Geese

One of the best military movies ever made with an awesome group of movie stars. It’s about mercenaries on a mission in Africa.


The Dogs of War

A film about a mercenary and his work. It’s perhaps a more realistic film compared with many others.


Little Big man

A classic western style film with many great actors. Historically it’s not the best film ever produced, however, see the film for what it is and you will have a great time.

Soldier Blue

Many books and movies helped inspiring me when I wrote Nastragull. Especially Soldier Blue; the film was criticized for some brutal scenes involving rape, murder, torture, maiming. It made the film perhaps one of the more realistic films ever produced. The romantic aspect in a war film was removed. War is not something romantic that is served on a bed of roses. War is hell - and the producers have managed to show it in this film.

The Message

My father used to take my brother and I to London when we were kids where we went to theaters and museums. Some afternoons we ended up watching a movie on the “big-screen.” Because my father is a war-veteran and had served three times in Africa he wanted to see “The Wild Geese.” Unfortunately my brother and I were too young and we weren’t admitted in, much to my father’s dismay. So we went down the street and found another film; “The Message” with Anthony Quinn. It was a very well-produced movie that all of us enjoyed.


The story is based on actual events that took place at the battle of Rorke’s Drift - a Swedish missionary station at the time. The entire film is a piece of “art.”

Zulu Dawn

This was an enormous film production with a great cast and incredible scenery throughout the entire film. Historically this part should have been part one. For movie enthusiast I recommend you watch this film first and then Zulu.


This film is a “mega-production.” From the beginning to the end, it’s like watching art paintings.

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