Saturday, April 16, 2016

Space Glass by Japanese Glass Artist Satoshi Tomizu

Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu manages to create wondrous cosmic scenes by encasing the universe in orbs of glass that are no larger than the human eye. His pendants are known as Space Glass. Each of them is unique and has breathtaking detail. It’s like a mesmerizing microcosm that can be held in the palm of your hand. These miniature spheres are made of opals, specks of real gold, and swirls of colored glass that spin and burst into constellations of the universe

Tomizu captures these spheres as a close up, reminiscent of the Men In Black film scene of the jewelry piece worn on the cat's collar. Each bauble is blown with a durable glass loop allowing one to wear their personal space-scape around their neck if they wish.

His work has earned him an Atelier Nova Design Award and has also been exhibited in Handmade in Japan Festival.


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