Friday, July 15, 2016

War…he’s looking for a war…


An exploding crash from a nearby lightning strike boomed; a moment later, a window was forced open by a gust of wind, which ripped through the house.

The Nastasturus Federation's Marshal of War held hands with his wife. "Where is he?" Beala wanted to know.

Guss took his wife to the open window and motioned for the servants to leave it be. "Look, love, there's our son, by his favorite tree."

"But, but -- what about the lightning?"

"Don't worry, dear, it can't hurt him now. Nothing in this universe can hurt our son any longer."

Beala started to cry, and as she did, more people entered the room surrounding them; all the vixens - but for Alexa, Nina and Tara - Cook, Copola, Bentor, Asturius, Grimm, Nadia, Mikka, Hawsatsche, the Oraniis and many others. Beala removed her face from her hands and straightened up proudly, but still the tears kept pouring down.

"Guss, my one and only love, please, go get our son. He shouldn't stand in the rain all alone."

Suddenly a shadow engulfed one of the moons; and as it passed over, the moon changed color, from ash grey to purplish-red. A second moon aligned with the first raised itself over the horizon as the first moon began to set. Reflected rays from the sun and the moons, shining onto the storm wrack from below, created a strange web-like pattern in the sky. The incredible sight was something like that of dawn-meets-dusk, and from two moons at the center of the pattern radiated beams of orange and red light, fighting each other for dominions.

"Oh my, it's beautiful," someone murmured from behind.

"What's our son doing, Guss?"

Guss looked at Alec in the far distance, standing there alone by a tree in the rain, his long hair flying like a flag around him. Two birds showed up from nowhere, flew around the tree, and then lit on the branch protruding above him. Guss prayed for the first time in his life; he thought he was thinking it; but when it was too late, he realized he had spoken out loud: "May the universe have mercy on us all."

Beala stopped sobbing, and saw a tear trickling down her husband's cheek. Now she was really frightened; Guss would never display such emotions in front of anyone, not even her, not even when they were alone. She gave him a puzzled look.

"He's looking for a war my love," he explained in a tight voice. "Our son is looking for a war."

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