Friday, August 5, 2016

GROVER - Autonomous Aolar - Powered Robot

GROVER is an autonomous solar-powered robot which carries ground-penetrating radar to explore the levels of snow and ice accumulation on the arctic ice pack. It will be used to chart the gains and losses in ice across the ice sheet.

Crawling slowly on its caterpillar tracks, GROVER will operate through the Arctic summer, carrying two large photovoltaic panel arrays on its back which will collect direct and reflected sunlight to charge it batteries.

Ice melt on Greenland is of particular concern for a couple of reasons. First, as the snow and ice melts the reflectivity of the Earth’s surface will decrease, causing more sunlight to be absorbed resulting in further warming. Secondly, the ice that melts off Greenland will result in sea level rise as well as having the potential to perturb ocean circulation in the North Atlantic due to increased input of cold dense fresh water at high latitudes.



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