Thursday, August 4, 2016

Project Esper - Pull A Body Apart With This Augmented Reality App

Project Esper is a new app that makes studying anatomy much more hands-on----Is it wise to make medical students feel like renegade fictional genius Tony Stark, magically waving human bodies apart like the holographic diagrams in the Iron Man basement lab? Should we use technology to make millennials feel like superheroes? Stop asking difficult philosophical questions and look at how cool this is.

This augmented reality app is called Project Esper. It uses hand gestures to allow the users move and study anatomy. Users can pull the human body apart and investigate the organs and limbs piece by piece. Look—just look at this magical Star Trek karate:Fun as it is, there are real world applications—medical students can use it to study the human body. Doctors can also use it to visually explain medical issues to patients. The app won’t be released until 2017, so until then, you’re stuck with WebMD.


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