Monday, July 17, 2017

5 STARS - The Alliance (The Evox Chronicles #1) by Chris G. Wright

Outstanding – A Must Read!

Finding new science fiction authors that are great is very difficult and I’m very happy that Great Britain has yet again produced an outstanding new author; The Alliance by Chris G. Wright is a new Sci-Fi-series that will take the reader to a new concept when it comes to; science fiction, space opera, action, adventure, mystery, and some fantasy.

The story is very well written and the author's voice is very intriguing (for me as a reader the most important thing in any story is the author voice.) Chris G. Wright might be a young and new author but he definitely has an excellent author voice that will draw “you” into his story.
New heroes and villains are introduced and they will keep the reader on his/her toes with the “wanting” to read more. Chris G. Wright takes his time to build up the story introducing the reader to new concepts and ideas that are new (and needed) in Sci-Fi.

I didn’t need much imagination when I read this story because the author had provided them for me with excellent detailed descriptions. The feelings and emotions from the characters in the story are so well written that “you” the reader will also feel and sense them. This post-apocalyptic story is something I would enjoy very much on the big screen.

If you’re looking for a great new read with many surprises then you will enjoy this new story. The Alliance is a story any one can read, and if you don’t like Sci-Fi then you definitely will after you read this book.

(Disclaimer; I do my best avoiding spoilers about the story itself because I hope that the next reader will be as happily surprised as I was.)

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