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You've got around 650 muscles in your body, and they make up roughly half of your bodyweight. These muscles can be divided into three different groups: skeletal, smooth and cardiac. All of these muscles can stretch and contract, but they perform very different functions.

Skeletal muscle
The tissue most commonly thought of as muscle is skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscles cover your skeleton, giving your body its shape. They are attached to your skeleton by strong, springy tendons or are directly connected to rough patches of bone. Skeletal muscles are under voluntary control, which means you consciously control what they do.

Just about all body movement, from walking to nodding your head, is caused by skeletal muscle contraction. Your skeletal muscles function almost continuously to maintain your posture, making one tiny adjustment after another to keep your body upright. Skeletal muscle is also important for holding your bones in the correct position and prevents your joints from dislocating. Some skeletal muscles in your face are directly attached to your skin. The slightest contraction of one of these muscles changes your facial expression.

Skeletal muscle generates heat as a by-product of muscle activity. This heat is vital for maintaining your normal body temperature.

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